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Social Impact Services

When you partner with Community Shares of Colorado, we do the heavy lifting to help you strategize and execute a social impact program at your place of work.

Your Partners in Social Impact

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Are you ready to take your community investment and employee engagement to the next level? We will help your company hone your vision and values to build a civic engagement, philanthropy, and volunteerism program to maximize community impact.

  • Employee giving program management
  • Matching gifts program administration
  • Employee engagement and communications
  • Skills-based and group volunteering
  • Employee volunteer hours matching gifts program administration
  • Nonprofit board recruitment 
  • Engaging your product for good
  • Learning opportunities 
  • Social Impact Annual Reports
  • ESG Reporting

Employee Giving for All

Start your employee giving campaign today.

With no giving minimum and the option to contribute directly from your paycheck, we make employee giving easy and affordable to make a difference together.

Harness the Power of

Collective Giving

An employee giving benefit creates an opportunity for employees and company leadership to come together and create a positive social impact. 

Pioneer in Social Justice

Why Community Shares?

We were founded on the principle of creating social justice.  We were created in 1986 as the Alternative Fund so workplace giving could support progressive charities such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Empowerment Program.

We continue to be a pioneer in social justice while providing employees an avenue to collectively give to the causes they care about most at little to no cost to the employer. Since our program is free to implement with no upfront costs, we're a great service for all employers including small to medium size businesses and the government.