Promoting Animal Welfare

These member agencies provide safe shelter, medical and social rehabilitation, stimulating habitat, and positive placement for companion and wild animals in Colorado.

50ANIMALS Promoting Animal Welfare General Fund
303.861.7507 |
Support our member nonprofits working to provide educate our community and provide shelter and medical assistance to companion and wild animals in Colorado.

Cat Care Society
303.239.9680 |
Cat Care Society shelters cats in cage-free environments until adopted. They also have a cat clinic onsite, and provide community service programs, including a food bank for qualifying low-income owners.

Colorado Pet Pantry
303.818.0618 |
Colorado Pet Pantry temporarily feeds Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters.

Colorado Reptile Humane Society (CoRHS)
303.776.2070 |
Colorado Reptile Humane Society improves the lives of reptiles in captivity and in the wild through education and action in sheltering, conservation, and rehabilitation programs.

Dumb Friends League
303.751.5772 |
The Dumb Friends League, founded in 1910, proudly serves as the most comprehensive provider of direct-to-animal welfare services in Colorado.

Friends of Foothills Animal Shelter
303.278.7575 |
Foothills Animal Shelter is an open-admission, socially-conscious shelter serving Jefferson County Colorado with a save rate of over 94%.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
303.823.8455 |
Greenwood rehabilitates orphaned, injured and sick wildlife, and releases them back into the wild. They also educate the public on humane wildlife interactions.

NOCO Humane Society
970.226.3647 |
NOCO Humane Society is an independent nonprofit working to further the compassionate, safe and responsible relationship between animals and people. Through their many services, they care for thousands of animals a year.

Longmont Humane Society
303.772.1232 |
Longmont Humane Society provides temporary shelter to thousands of animals every year. Dogs, cats and small mammals that are lost, surrendered or abandoned receive loving care.

The Feline Fix
303.202.3516 |
The Feline Fix promotes the health and welfare of underserved cats through spay/neuter, limited veterinary services, trap-neuter-return, fostering, adoption, community outreach, collaboration, and education.​

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley
303.442.4030 |
Providing shelter for homeless animals, adoption, and lost/found services, behavior counseling, veterinary care and education to help promote healthy relationships between pets and people. ​

The Wild Animal Sanctuary
303.536.0118 |
The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues captive-bred carnivores from situations of abuse and neglect, providing them with large-acreage habitats, and educating the public of their plights and the Captive Wildlife Crisis.

W.O.L.F. Sanctuary
970.416.9531 |
A nonprofit sanctuary for captive born wolves and wolf dogs with the mission to rescue animals in need, provide life-long sanctuary, and educate the public about these misunderstood animals.​