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Upcoming events, promotional materials, campaign information, and more!

Upcoming Events

Information and registration information for all of our upcoming events and engagements opportunities!


We're currently planning for the 2024 Summer Learning Series, an annual seasonal event with three sessions covering a range of topics of expressed interest. We'll be using the Member Survey to determine what the sessions will look like, so fill that out here to have your voice heard! 

Past topics have included Development Practices, Mental Health and Burnout, Community-Centric Fundraising, and Current Trends and Events. Stay tuned here and with the Member Newsletters to learn more.

Past Events

Visit the Community Shares Member Google Drive to see recordings, presentations, and presenter contact information from previous Summer Learning Series, Mental Health Sessions, Professional Development presentations, and more.

Recent past events include the 2023 Annual Member Business Meeting and the 2024 Member Orientation. 


Cause Area Cohorts

At Community Shares, we have identified eight cause areas reflecting the diversity of Coloradans and our shared interest in building a more vital and vibrant state. As a new member organization and with every yearly recertification, each organization selects the Cause Area to which they most feel they belong.

These cohorts are quarterly opportunities to connect with other members working toward similar goals and missions. Four times a year, we will meet to how e can better support organizations with your unique challenges and aspirations.

Campaign Calendar 

Community Shares and our members work together every year to reach our mutual fundraising goals. To have a successful campaign season, it is critical that member organizations plan marketing and outreach efforts. These should include:

January – June (post-campaign season)

  • Once campaigns are closed, Community Shares will notify you that Donor Reports are available through the Nonprofit Portal
  • After you pull your donor list, make sure to thank your workplace-giving donors for their pledge. (CSC sends out their tax acknowledgement)
  • Add those donors to your collateral mailing list
  • Applications for the next CCC/CFC campaign cycles are due in January. Be on the look out for emails from Community Shares to address any issues with your recertification as we apply for those government campaigns on your behalf
  • In February/March, we will send an email with a link where you can submit marketing content for your organization. Provide complelling and current content so we can be ready to promote your work during campaign season

July and August (gearing up for new campaign season)

  • Send an outreach piece (e.g., email, postcards) to your past and current workplace giving donors including a thank you and encouragement to designate to give again.
  • Publish an article in your newsletter about workplace giving.
  • Remind your supporters to request your nonprofit for fairs and speaking engagements.

September - December (campaign season)

  • Be ready to attend a fair (in-person and/or virtually)
  • Push out information about the campaigns on your social media sites.
  • Include campaign information in your newsletters and other special communications 
  • Kick-off your nonprofit’s internal workplace giving campaign! 


  • Help Community Shares open new campaigns.

Member Documents


Protected Member Information

This Community Shares Member Google Drive is a robust resource for any member looking to learn more about workplace campaigns, educational resources, special event logistics, and more!

The Member Google Drive contains: 

  • Campaign Results
    • Campaign totals for your organization from the last six years of workplace giving campaigns
  • Educational Resources
    • Presentation Archive from the last two years of Summer Learning Series, Annual Member Business Meetings, and more.
    • Login and password information for our partners at the Nonprofit Learning Lab
  • Marketing Materials
    • Community Shares current logos
    • Some suggestions for website and email copy.
  • Upcoming Event Support
    • Any additional logistical and informational materials about upcoming events and engagement opportunities.

All current member contacts should have received an email granting access. To add other team members, please email Paige at